Ilam House- Nearby Trails

ilamhousehikingmapsv12.jpgHere is a map with a few of our favorite trails starting from Ilam House. Click on the map to open it and print it.

Head “out the door” to:
BLUE on the map: 3 mile loop: From house head to Road 13, turn right and follow road foot trail “Fire #2”, turn right and walk downhill to Plantation Trail, turn right and head to Hwy 32, turn right and follow back to house. Note – when heading back towards house in Hwy 32, you can also take a blue blaze trail that heads into the woods on the right (next to a gray house with a gray propane tank), and which trail heads back up the hill – and after about 1/2 mile you can turn left on an old road and walk about 200′ to the house. Nice hiking; challenging biking, very challenging XC skiing.
RED on map: 4 mile trip to Blackwater Falls State Park: Road 13, right on “Fire #2”, left on Plantation, right on Allegheny Trail, to BFSP. Nice hiking; challenging mt. biking, very challenging XC skiing.
ORANGE on map: 8 mile trip to Canaan Valley State Park: Road 13, left on Allegheny Trail, to CVSP. Nice hiking; moderately challenging mt. biking, moderate XC skiing.
PINK on map: 17 mile trip to BFSP: Road 13 all the way to Blackwater Falls State Park (17 mi.). Easy hiking, easy (if long) mt. biking, easy XC skiing. Note – from BFSP is 2 miles to Dave, then 3 miles (uphill!) back to house. Best to stop at Sirianni’s in Davis for lunch on the way!

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