Whitegrass – great conditions – skiers needed!


Picture by Andy Altman

I had to play hookie Friday to come to Ilam House to take care of some business, but had a little time in the afternoon to ski at Whitegrass. The conditions were pretty nice – great coverage everywhere, cold temps so the trail was fast but not icy, and higher up on the mountain – loose fluff and even some unskied trails. I headed quickly up to Bald Knob via Roundtop and some other steep trails (gasp), emerging on top in “Baldie Grove”. The Grove is a beautiful stand of spruce with views of the Valley to the north, the trees cloaked in snow, still and silent. In the many times I’ve skied up to Bald Knob I don’t think I’d ever been through there.

On the way down via Powderline, I made some side trips up Cabin Mountain and Stonecoal Flats Trails – and was soon breaking trail – surprised that nobody had been that far. I wished I’d had another hour or two to explore further.

On the final run down 3 mile it was dusk, cold and fast (!), dark blue sky to the east and orange sunset to the west, still and silent, a bright moon overhead…. like the above picture.

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