Mid winter pause! Regroup and recharge

Snow or no snow (i.e. this week) Canaan Valley is a wonderful place to hang out. If the skiing is bad, go for a hike. If the hiking is bad go for a ride. If the riding is bad read a book by the fire, etc.

Chip Chase, who, against the odds, runs the successful Whitegrass Ski Center in this fickle mid-Atlantic weather, has a wonderful viewpoint on many things of the world, including what’s good about a mid-winder thaw:

“skier optimistic view of a mid winter thaw: start all over again fresh and clean with a new base, none of that old stuff, missing left glove reappears, keep the staff rested, eager, and modest, forced to ski the national Nordic, a favorite, puddle jumpin’, mud wrestling, realistic local real estate prices bolstered, jerk out the rocks with fresh p tex on um, catch up on sleep, family, friends, chores, correspondence, groove on the computer, plan the spring ski getaway…”

And anyway, colder weather and snow predicted for the coming days(!)

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