Red Creek View 8/08

We did an overnight hike into the Dolly Sods Wilderness area to camp along Red Creek. Beautiful!

We headed in on the Rohrbaugh Plains Trail – parking at the Dolly Sods Picnic parking lot (map). The hike started as a fairly flat trail through thick woods for about 1.5 hours to a dramatic rock overlook. At that point it started raining (!) I had told the kids – “We’re in Dolly Sods, so it’s going to rain sometime today. No big deal – just put on your raincoat and keep going.” And they were appropriately nonchalant about it. We then headed down the canyon on the Fischer Spring Trial, and got to the roaring Red Creek. We scouted the several campsites on our side of the river and picked one about 300 yards upstream of where the trail had hit the river. Early in the hike we had passed some day hikers, but otherwise saw no other people that day.

Hint of fall color just barely visible in the trees – on August 15!?

Duration: ~5m one way to river; 3 hours with packs.

Difficulty ***

Remarkability **** Canyon overview nice. Canyon nice once down into it, and feels pretty wild.

Kid friendly ** It’s a serious hike down, and with packs, requires some fortitude.

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