Winter fun season is starting up!

What seemed so far off a few months ago, and then – exciting to think about but still weeks away –  is now upon us – snow on the trails in Canaan Valley!

At Whitegrass Cross County Ski Touring Center, Chip and his friends are clearing their trails and will soon be putting down the first cross country ski tracks of the winter of 2016-2017


We’re excited to get out there! And so are a lot of folks – and many winter weekends Ilam House is already booked up – so if you are thinking of renting the house, act quickly – rental availability here.

Also – if you are out there this winter and want to cross country ski, the best options are:

Whitegrass – with skis to rent, lesson, wonderfully groomed trails, cafe, and great people. Their trails are often skiable when the snow is thin everywhere else.

Canaan Valley State Park – they also rent skis and have some nice trails. Not as dependably great skiing as at Whitegrass- but very nice. Best if there is a lot of snow.

Around Ilam House: there are a lot of unofficial XC ski and snowshoe trails around the National Forest adjacent to Ilam House and Forest Service Road #13.  The trails are not “groomed” and can be rougher that at Whitegrass or the State Park – but if there is enough snow cover- it can be wonderful skiing, with the woods all to yourself.

They are not well marked, but you should be able to have a sense of which way the hill slopes, and so know which way is back to the house or up to the ridge top where road #13 runs. So it can be easy to explore the various trails without a map and without getting lost – just be sure you know how to head back. (Still – even if going out for a short ski – take phone, water, snacks, extra layer, and let someone know where you’re planning to head.)

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