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Table Rock Hike – August ’08

August 22, 2008


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Favorite hikes list:
Table Rock trail, at about mile 10 on Canaan Loop road, starting from Canaan Heights (or Ilam House). Great 2. m round-trip hike with amazing views from the rock promenade over the Red Creek Valley and beyond it to the south the Dry Fork Valley. Getting to the hike takes a little work, though. It’s about 10 miles along Canaan Loop road.

We started at Ilam House and biked there – taking about 1.5 hours. The road (Forest Service Road 13, turn south off of Hwy 32 at Canaan Heights, 3 m. south of Davis, then drive in about 1/2 mile to big rocks and parking area.) is gravel doubletrack and in good condition, but there are rises and dips in the 10 miles that make you work a little. (Road can be and is driven, slowly, by cars/trucks – -probably best to have high clearance.)

The 10 mile ride is really beautiful. It starts going through high mountain bogs and spruce forests. Feels like northern New England! In some places you scream downhill, past the increasingly large and energetic Red Run. Some nice looking campsites along the road/riverbank. The 8th and 9th miles rise from about 3000′ to about 3400′ – not severe, but tiring.

Once at the turnoff for Table Rock, we left the bikes and hiked the flat trail to the lookout – trail was rocky and with some wet spots, but that’s what you’d expect in a rainforest.

At the lookout – wonderful views, as pictured. To the east, the Red Run Valley and on the far side, Mozark Mountain. To the south, long views down towards Dry Fork River Valley, and the mountains beyond. Blueberries on the overlook, as about everywhere this early August.

After Table Rock, we decided to continue the Canaan Loop road circuit out to Blackwater Falls State Park (instead of backtracking the 10 miles.) That section, about 7 miles, is challenging but a lot of fun. The road deteriorates – getting rockier, bigger potholes, more mud, some stream crossings to get your ankles wet – all in all some and moderately technical riding. Our 9 year old is a trooper and enjoyed it, with periodic cheerleading.

Duration – bike 17 miles from top of ridge at Hwy 32 to Blackwater Falls State Park – about 3 hours

Remarkability ****

Kid friendly * – it’s a workout. Our 10 and 13 year olds did great, but have done such rides before 😉 The long uphill in the middle was a slog. The downhills where gleeeeful. The streamcrossings fun.

Ilam House- Nearby Trails

January 13, 2008

ilamhousehikingmapsv12.jpgHere is a map with a few of our favorite trails starting from Ilam House. Click on the map to open it and print it.

Head “out the door” to:
BLUE on the map: 3 mile loop: From house head to Road 13, turn right and follow road foot trail “Fire #2”, turn right and walk downhill to Plantation Trail, turn right and head to Hwy 32, turn right and follow back to house. Note – when heading back towards house in Hwy 32, you can also take a blue blaze trail that heads into the woods on the right (next to a gray house with a gray propane tank), and which trail heads back up the hill – and after about 1/2 mile you can turn left on an old road and walk about 200′ to the house. Nice hiking; challenging biking, very challenging XC skiing.
RED on map: 4 mile trip to Blackwater Falls State Park: Road 13, right on “Fire #2”, left on Plantation, right on Allegheny Trail, to BFSP. Nice hiking; challenging mt. biking, very challenging XC skiing.
ORANGE on map: 8 mile trip to Canaan Valley State Park: Road 13, left on Allegheny Trail, to CVSP. Nice hiking; moderately challenging mt. biking, moderate XC skiing.
PINK on map: 17 mile trip to BFSP: Road 13 all the way to Blackwater Falls State Park (17 mi.). Easy hiking, easy (if long) mt. biking, easy XC skiing. Note – from BFSP is 2 miles to Dave, then 3 miles (uphill!) back to house. Best to stop at Sirianni’s in Davis for lunch on the way!

Hiking the Plantation Trail – Dec 07

December 29, 2007

We made a nice round-trip hike from the house on Dec 26th, about a 2-hour tour. We headed west on 13 about a half mile, then right (N) towards the Plantation Trail, R on that trail all the way to Hwy 32, R on Hwy about half a mile, then R on blue blaze trail (along edge of a gray house with a gray gas tank) back towards Canaan Loop Road.

The walk through the forest was very nice – rocky and mossy trail, with numerous patches of ice waiting for the kids to explore and crack, rhododendron forests, spruce and birch, and the excitement of jumping over a small stream!