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Hurry Up and Rent Ilam House to Ski this Winter!

November 14, 2009

The house is still open some weekends in March – and great snow conditions at Whitegrass, Timberline and Canaan Valley! House sleeps 12! Click here to read about renting the house and to see when the house is available.

Ilam House is on the ridge line of Canaan Mountain at about 3700 feet, and gets more snow (and more dependable snow cover) than areas down in the heart of Canaan Valley.


Hansi Johnson: Hope for the future of skiing!

January 23, 2008


Here’s a nice blog post by Hansi Johnson, a Minnesota ski/outdoor adventure pro, on his eye opening experiences at Whitegrass and Canaan Valley recently – nicely describing the wonderful vibe of the place. And this is from a guy who skis around the world, who recently completed a *double* Birkie (that’s 90km):

One three day trip to Whitegrass for me, a lifelong and prolific skier, has changed how I look at many things in my life, so take it from me, change your life and book a ticket to West Virginia. Read more

Whitegrass – great conditions – skiers needed!

January 20, 2008


Picture by Andy Altman

I had to play hookie Friday to come to Ilam House to take care of some business, but had a little time in the afternoon to ski at Whitegrass. The conditions were pretty nice – great coverage everywhere, cold temps so the trail was fast but not icy, and higher up on the mountain – loose fluff and even some unskied trails. I headed quickly up to Bald Knob via Roundtop and some other steep trails (gasp), emerging on top in “Baldie Grove”. The Grove is a beautiful stand of spruce with views of the Valley to the north, the trees cloaked in snow, still and silent. In the many times I’ve skied up to Bald Knob I don’t think I’d ever been through there.

On the way down via Powderline, I made some side trips up Cabin Mountain and Stonecoal Flats Trails – and was soon breaking trail – surprised that nobody had been that far. I wished I’d had another hour or two to explore further.

On the final run down 3 mile it was dusk, cold and fast (!), dark blue sky to the east and orange sunset to the west, still and silent, a bright moon overhead…. like the above picture.

Whitegrass XC Ski – Video Tour

January 15, 2008

Great shots of skiing at nearby Whitegrass ( – makes you want to pack the car and head out!

Ilam House- Nearby Trails

January 13, 2008

ilamhousehikingmapsv12.jpgHere is a map with a few of our favorite trails starting from Ilam House. Click on the map to open it and print it.

Head “out the door” to:
BLUE on the map: 3 mile loop: From house head to Road 13, turn right and follow road foot trail “Fire #2”, turn right and walk downhill to Plantation Trail, turn right and head to Hwy 32, turn right and follow back to house. Note – when heading back towards house in Hwy 32, you can also take a blue blaze trail that heads into the woods on the right (next to a gray house with a gray propane tank), and which trail heads back up the hill – and after about 1/2 mile you can turn left on an old road and walk about 200′ to the house. Nice hiking; challenging biking, very challenging XC skiing.
RED on map: 4 mile trip to Blackwater Falls State Park: Road 13, right on “Fire #2”, left on Plantation, right on Allegheny Trail, to BFSP. Nice hiking; challenging mt. biking, very challenging XC skiing.
ORANGE on map: 8 mile trip to Canaan Valley State Park: Road 13, left on Allegheny Trail, to CVSP. Nice hiking; moderately challenging mt. biking, moderate XC skiing.
PINK on map: 17 mile trip to BFSP: Road 13 all the way to Blackwater Falls State Park (17 mi.). Easy hiking, easy (if long) mt. biking, easy XC skiing. Note – from BFSP is 2 miles to Dave, then 3 miles (uphill!) back to house. Best to stop at Sirianni’s in Davis for lunch on the way!

10 great places to peacefully glide cross-country – USA Today

January 12, 2008

Our favorite, Whitegrass Ski Touring Center, listing in a recent USA Today article about best XC ski places in the US. Congrats Whitegrass!

“White Grass is down-home, relaxed and nurturing — all about having fun on skis,” Frado says. Tucked into a snowy corner of the Cabin Mountains in West Virginia, White Grass draws cross-country skiing enthusiasts from all over the East. “They have more than 15 miles of groomed trails suitable for family skiing, and offer guided cross-country treks into the higher and more challenging terrain,” Frado says. “They also have a wonderful natural-foods cafe.” 304-866-4114;

USA Today – 10 great places to peacefully glide cross-country