Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the questions we get about staying at Ilam House, and in Canaan Valley. Please click on “Leave a Reply” below if you’d like to ask another question which you do not see addressed here – and we’ll reply to you and post the response for future guests. Thanks!

Q: Is the house outfitted with linens, towels and cooking gear?

A: Yes – very completely outfitted! You do not need to provide any of these. You may want to bring your own beach towels if you want to head to the pool at Canaan Valley State Park or find a local watering hole. See more info on what is provided at the house here

Q: Does the house have wifi?

A: Yes indeed – bring your laptop!

Q: Can you recommend good hiking ideas for small children?

A: We’ve been visiting Canaan Valley and hiking (and skiing) with out kids since they were 2 years old and younger. Here are some ideas for summer outdoor activities:

Around Ilam House property:

-small trail out past fire ring and circling through the woods and back to the house.

-our front door about 50 yards to old Forest Service Road

2 Responses to “Frequently Asked Questions”

  1. drewjoseph Says:

    How steep are the roads and driveway leading to the house?
    My family and I had trouble with another Canaan Valley rental last year because our car could not climb the snow-covered road up the steep driveway.


    • cwolz87 Says:

      Hi Drewjoseph – thanks for your question.

      Ilam House is about 1/4 mile off of Hwy 32 on a gravel road with a small hill in the middle. The first 100 yards are a little steep, and the last 100 yards are a little steep. So – whether coming or going you will have an initial climb. The road is generally plowed by our rental agency in a timely way – but it can be snow packed, obviously. Over the past eight years, 90% of the time we have had no trouble getting in and out using a normal family car – ie a Japanese sedan or minivan *with* front wheel drive. But 10% of the time it has been trickier – and we have needed to put down sand and/or push to get over the small hill. But the best bet for the 10% is either to use a car with AWD or 4WD, or to get chains for your normal car. And always have a shovel and sand in your car. We bought a pair of entry level chains online for about $100, and after learning how to put them on and off quickly, find them useful for the occasional slippery day.

      It’s not as steep a climb as a I know some rentals are on the hillside of Timberline and other places- so it is not “Mandatory 4WD!!!” but in some cases it can be slippery and hard to make it up the 100 yard climbs.

      Good luck –

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